Uniti is a fixed wireless broadband provider with proven high-speed performance. Our fixed wireless broadband offers a replacement for ADSL Internet and an alternative to nbn™ adn other fixed fibre services. We operate independently and do not rely on Telstra’s ADSL copper network or the nbn™ infrastructure to operate or reach our customers.

Uniti has been connecting residential, business and enterprise customers to its independent ‘last mile’ network since 2014. Uniti is currently operational in suburban and metropolitan Adelaide, and areas of suburban Melbourne with plans to expand into Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Using Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point fixed wireless connections, Uniti’s high performance network is capable of delivering up to gigabit speeds. The cost-effective and rapid network deployment when utilising existing infrastructure allows Uniti to be more agile and capture consumer demand before competitors can deploy alternative solutions.

There is substantial high growth potential in consumer markets due to new and emerging technologies that Uniti will continue to explore and invest in.

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